SPX’s Newest Marley-branded Cooling Tower Delivers Greater Cooling Capacity

Since its debut more than 40 years ago, Marley’s flagship line of NC Cooling Towers has supported thousands of commercial locations across the globe and today is responsible for cooling some of the world’s most iconic buildings, including New York City’s new “Freedom Tower” at One World Trade Center and the newly re-opened Whitney Museum of American Art.

The newest version of Marley’s flagship line of cooling towers for commercial buildings, the NC 8400, began shipping to customers this summer from production facilities in Kansas City, Missouri in the United States, Shanghai, China and Worcester, United Kingdom.

“This is the best performing Marley Cooling Tower we have built to date,” said Randy Powell, vice president and general manager for SPX Cooling Technologies Americas. “We focused our research and development on improving many of the key attributes our customers care about most when selecting a cooling tower and the result is the new NC 8400.”

Recent engineering advancements and rigorous testing confirm that Marley NC Cooling Towers offer some of the highest single-cell cooling capacities and energy efficiencies of any commercial cooling towers in the industry. Scott Maurer, global product manager at SPX Cooling Technologies, said Marley’s innovative new NC 8400 Cooling Tower offers several significant enhancements over the previous model, including greater cooling capacity, energy efficiency, independently verified sound levels and lower drift.

The NC 8400 provides up to 8.6 percent more cooling capacity per box size than its predecessor and produces the highest tonnage per cell, compared with other leading tower manufacturers. This means customers can consider smaller units and expect lower power consumption with comparable levels of cooling capability.

“Customers have the potential to save money both up-front on the initial investment and in the long run with lower energy bills,” Maurer said.

Marley is also the only manufacturer in the industry that proactively subjects its cooling towers to third-party validated acoustical tests. This means the NC meets the precise sound levels stated in its published engineering specifications, without any post-installation surprises.

“This is important, especially for customers in municipalities with maximum noise limits,” Maurer said. “You don’t want to discover you’re not in compliance and have to make expensive modifications. With Marley, what you read on the spec sheet is what you get after the installation.”

By reducing drift rate, the NC 8400 is designed to allow minimal escape of water droplets. That means less moisture on nearby buildings and grounds, including parked cars. Fewer wet surfaces help prevent potential safety hazards and water marks.

As Maurer notes, Marley towers also have the highest percentage of parts designed and manufactured in-house of any cooling tower on the market.

“We don’t buy fans from a fan manufacturer and gears from a gear drive manufacturer,” he said. “It’s all Marley, so customers can count on us to deliver the performance and reliability the Marley name has always stood for.”

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