Anaheim Transportation Network Goes Mobile With Genfare

When the Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN) began its search in 2013 for an electronic, mobile ticketing platform, it quickly became clear that the most fitting product on the market was developed by Genfare – an ATN solutions provider for more than a decade.

“We obviously serve the employees and the commuters that come to the Anaheim Resort area, as the resorts are the largest employer in Orange County,” says Diana Kotler, Executive Director of ATN. “But the other side of the coin is that the resorts are the primary attraction for Orange County. We are very cognizant that many of our riders are travelers coming to ‘The Happiest Place on Earth.’ That’s the core. Since we began our relationship with Genfare, they’ve always provided state-of-the-art systems,” says Kotler. “Still, we needed something that was custom-built for our very unique ridership demographics.”

Genfare was already developing such a solution. “ATN asked us for a more dynamic way to help riders get on the coach without having to do a bunch of work at any given bus stop,” says Mark Mahon, Director of Sales, Western Region for Genfare. Genfare partnered with CooCoo, Inc., a mobile ticketing provider, to develop the new solution.

“We give customers the ability to purchase passes through a mobile application,” says Ryan Thompson, president at CooCoo. “This makes it easy and convenient for everyday riders as well as visiting tourists to purchase their pass and board a bus. Riders can also view schedules, system maps and alert-related information through the app. Riders want the ability to use their phone to plan a trip, purchase their passes and board the bus,” Thompson says.

“Getting riders accustomed to the app was another initial challenge,” Kotler says. “When a person comes here for three or four days, they're not totally thrilled about downloading yet another app. That’s a barrier that had us starting pretty slowly – but now we are exceeding our initial expectations for the use of the app. Our in-app purchases are probably fourfold what we anticipated.”

The Genfare Mobile Link by CooCoo ticketing application opens up a tremendous amount of opportunities for ATN. “The platform ‘Uberizes’ ATN service, which is important not only for our unique demographic but also for transit ridership going forward,” Kotler says.

For more than three decades, Genfare has been an industry leader in providing intelligent fare solutions to transit agencies of all sizes throughout North America. Dedicated to meeting the constantly evolving needs of transit agencies everywhere, Genfare specializes in solutions that allow for manageable future updates and expansions—making transitions to new operating systems, hardware, or fare media much less complicated than it has been in the past. For more information about Genfare, click here.

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