New Marley® Cube™ Evaporative Condensers Deliver Options to Industrial Refrigeration Market

The Marley® Cube™ Evaporative Condenser is a new alternative for industrial refrigeration systems and marks SPX Cooling Technologies’ product expansion into refrigeration applications requiring safe, sustainable design, installation and operation with ammonia and other natural refrigerants. The Cube was introduced to the market in March 2015 at the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) Conference in San Diego, CA.

Cube Evaporative Condensers are completely fabricated and assembled at U.S. manufacturing plants. In the year since their introduction, market acceptance has been very strong. Both draw-through (induced draft) and blow-through (forced draft) models have been manufactured, field-installed and are now operating throughout the U.S.

The Cube product line is the result of a unique collaboration between SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. and SGS Refrigeration, Inc., manufacturer of industrial evaporators based in Dixon, IL. SGS acquired the Krack Industrial Refrigeration business from Krack Corporation in 2013.

Cube Evaporative Condensers take advantage of the engineering and production strengths of two independent companies as well as the shared business philosophy that meeting customer expectations is paramount to long term success. Customers benefit from the collaboration in two ways: the Cube is a well-engineered, robust and reliable product; and both SPX and SGS are committed to customer satisfaction before, during and after the sale.

“It’s important to us that we build a quality evaporative condenser that is not only equal in performance to other available products but also offers some strong customer advantages,” according to Randy Powell, General Manager of SPX Cooling Technologies – Americas. “Our association with SGS has helped us accomplish our goal.”

Customers interviewed during the product development process emphasized the importance of uncomplicated installation and maintenance procedures as well as high quality materials, mechanical systems and long service life. As a result, Cube Condensers were designed to simplify field installation, with easier alignment of top and bottom modules, fewer fasteners and pre-assembled platform and guardrail options. Increased accessibility to both external and internal components helps speed routine inspection and maintenance.

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