New Radiodetection RD8100 Cable Locator Tool Designed to Enhance Field Usage Functionality and Productivity

Since launching its first commercial underground cable locator more than 40 years ago, Radiodetection, a business unit of SPX, has established itself as an industry leader in developing the tools that utility and telecommunications field workers need to perform the difficult task of locating specific cables that are often buried deep and intertwined with other infrastructure.

Radiodetection’s newest underground cable locator tool – the RD8100 – is designed to make it easier than ever for utility workers and others to find specific underground cables while avoiding others.

To ensure that the new locator meets users’ needs, the Radiodetection RD8100 locator was developed based on customer feedback. As a result, the RD8100, the successor to SPX’s popular RD8000 line, includes new features and enhancements designed to address specific customer needs and enhance field usage productivity. For example, our understanding of the telecommunications industry led us to adapt the tool to work better with the small cables the industry frequently manages.

Two key new features of the RD8100 are an integrated GPS functionality, as well as usage-logging. Both options automatically generate data that can be used for customer reports and in-house quality and safety audits to promote best practices.

The usage-logging feature is highly valuable because it provides users in the field, their managers, and their clients, with greater information and transparency about the actual field work being performed. The RD8100 records everything the user does over a period of time and can automatically upload the resulting usage logs to others. This way, managers can ensure that employees are using the tool in the most effective, efficient and safest manner possible.

Both features enable Radiodetection customers to demonstrate their work in the field to their clients and present the tangible results that are so vital to utilities, telecommunications and other industries with fixed project budgets.

As utility infrastructures become more complex, location professionals also require more powerful tools to simplify the task at hand. The GPS feature, along with other new product features, aids in this task and leads to greater productivity and better results.

“We have a vast portfolio of technology and expertise at Radiodetection, and a long history of providing leading solutions for cable location professionals,” notes Tony Rush, marketing director at Radiodetection. “Our latest product offering reflects our long-standing commitment to engaging with and listening to what our customers need to do their jobs so that we can continue to create industry-leading products. We’re confident that the ground-breaking technology we’ve introduced in the RD8100 will help enhance the productivity, accuracy and safety of our customers’ cable location field work.”

To learn more about the Radiodetection RD8100, please click here to access the brochure.

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