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What’s it like to work at SPX? Ask any employee and you’re likely to receive a wide range of responses.

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Chris Sinutko

Sales Specialist

Chris Sinutko: Sales Specialist

Chris Sinutko is a product and aftermarket sales specialist for food and beverage in SPX Flow Technology. Chris is based in Delavan, Wisconsin.

Best thing about his job… I enjoy interacting with all departments (engineering, operations, purchasing, sales, marketing, etc.) to drive new product development projects that were initiated by our customers’ needs, market demands or competitor advancements. I also like visiting our customers’ sites to facilitate training on our equipment and get valuable feedback from people using our products daily.

What Chris likes most about SPX… I like that SPX has put a focus on not only the development of new products through innovation initiatives, but also on the development of employees through various training and leadership programs. 

Most memorable moment at SPX… Early in my role as a product manager, I went on-site to an important customer who was starting up a multi-million dollar new plant. The customer was having issues with our product and looked to me as the expert to resolve the issues. Even though I had little experience at that time, this “trial-by-fire” situation forced me to learn quickly, ask relevant questions, and troubleshoot to earn the customer’s confidence and provide solutions. After a week of hard work on-site, we were able to solve the issues and satisfy the customer. 

Opportunities at SPX… I started at SPX right out of college as part of SPX’s Engineering Development Program.  During my first two years, I spent rotations learning, developing, and applying skills in various engineering disciplines. After the EDP, I transitioned into a technical product manager role for sanitary valves to essentially act as a liaison between the field (customers and sales) and internal departments (engineering and operations). Currently, I’m in a product lead and sales role for the valves line, working to make our products more competitive and growing the business.

Chris’ outside interests include I enjoy running not only for exercise, but also as a stress reliever. I try to run three to five races per year.  In May, I ran my first half-marathon around Geneva Lake in Wisconsin and recently ran a Warrior Dash obstacle race. 

Jane Ballard

Vice President, Human Resources

Jacinta Clack

Marketing Communications Supervisor

Jacinta Clark: Marketing Communications Supervisor

Jacinta Clack is marketing communications supervisor for SPX’s Radiodetection, based in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Best thing about her job... The best thing about my job is the variety, which includes working on new product launches and supporting marketing communications for the Radiodetection offices worldwide through the SPX branding program.

What Jacinta likes most about SPX... I like the culture of innovation and responsiveness to the needs of our customers, employees and shareholders.

Most memorable moment at SPX... My most memorable moment was launching the Radiodetection website in English, French, German, Dutch, Chinese and Spanish. The project involved developing strong communication links with the Radiodetection offices around the world.

Jacinta’s outside interests include... I enjoy cycling, tennis and yoga.

What many people don't know about her... I'm originally from the Republic of Ireland. During my youth, I performed with Irish music bands as a tin whistle player.

Brad Lyons

Assistant Treasurer

Brad Lyons: Assistant Treasurer

Brad Lyons is the assistant treasurer for SPX. He is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Best thing about his job... I face unique challenges almost daily. Being in Treasury, I mostly interact with accounting and finance employees, but there are many different situations that arise where SPX businesses need our support.  For example, I’ve provided trade finance expertise by arranging letters of credit or bank guarantees and identifying and managing foreign exchange risk. I’m brought into contract discussions to provide assistance to SPX management and sales teams. Through this work, I’ve learned a lot about SPX’s products and services as well as new things in the finance and accounting fields.

What Brad likes most about SPX… Besides the challenges that keep my job fresh, I enjoy the people I work with in Charlotte and around the world. It’s a pleasure to spend time with people who want to get things done and know how to make it happen. Everybody is motivated to provide assistance and not afraid to get involved. I also appreciate SPX’s culture of teamwork, openness and accessibility. Instead of being told that we can’t cross boundaries to talk with someone outside of our work group, we’re encouraged to form global connections and use them to achieve our objectives.

Brad’s outside interests include… I enjoy spending time outdoors with my wife and our two young children. I also follow my favorite sports teams—the New York Giants (football) and New York Yankees (baseball)—and have an interest in  home brewing.

Ciarán Hallinan

General Manager

Ciarán Hallinan: General Manager

Ciarán Hallinan is a general manager in the food and beverage segment for SPX Flow Technology in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Ciarán is based in Dunboyne, Ireland.

Best thing about his job… Working with people. Turnkey delivery of major projects requires a collaborative approach, not only within a local business, but more commonly across other system businesses and our manufacturing facilities globally. Working with colleagues from other centers of expertise and helping to execute major projects is very exciting to me.

Ciarán’s outside interests include… Cycling mainly. Although I’m relatively new to the sport, it’s become a passion of mine. I’ve been cycling now for six years and racing for five. At times there can be a lot of pressure associated with my role and spending time on the bike allows me to think things through and set priorities. I love racing, so most weekends during the summer months I am competing in a race.

In 2012, I co-founded a charity called Cycle4Life. In the last two years, we’ve managed to raise more than €350,000 ($470,000) for vital equipment for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin.

My youngest son Jake started it all. He was the inspiration, having been born with a condition known as congenital diaphramatic hernia among other serious complications. Jake’s first months of life were very much touch and go. My wife and I spent quite some time in the ICU of Temple Street Hospital as a result. While there, we learned that the critical equipment sustaining Jake was predominantly donated by non-profit organizations and parents who had become fundraisers after their various ordeals. Jake required significant care for the first few years of his life, but now he’s perfect. We have a lot to be thankful for, and Cycle4Life is our way of emulating the fundraising that went before us.

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