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Brad Lyons

Assistant Treasurer

Brad Lyons: Assistant Treasurer

Brad Lyons is the assistant treasurer for SPX. He is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Best thing about his job... I face unique challenges almost daily. Being in Treasury, I mostly interact with accounting and finance employees, but there are many different situations that arise where SPX businesses need our support. For example, I’ve provided trade finance expertise by arranging letters of credit or bank guarantees and identifying and managing foreign exchange risk. I’m brought into contract discussions to provide assistance to SPX management and sales teams. Through this work, I’ve learned a lot about SPX’s products and services as well as new things in the finance and accounting fields.

What Brad likes most about SPX… Besides the challenges that keep my job fresh, I enjoy the people I work with in Charlotte and around the world. It’s a pleasure to spend time with people who want to get things done and know how to make it happen. Everybody is motivated to provide assistance and not afraid to get involved. I also appreciate SPX’s culture of teamwork, openness and accessibility. Instead of being told that we can’t cross boundaries to talk with someone outside of our work group, we’re encouraged to form global connections and use them to achieve our objectives.

Brad’s outside interests include… I enjoy spending time outdoors with my wife and our two young children. I also follow my favorite sports teams—the New York Giants (football) and New York Yankees (baseball)—and have an interest in home brewing.

Con O'Driscoll

Global Product Manager

Con O'Driscoll: Global Product Manager

Con O'Driscoll is Global Product Manager, Dispersion Products for SPX Food and Beverage End Market

Best thing about his job... My job as product manager brings me into contact with most functions in the business at multiple levels. I really enjoy working with teams to solve problems, develop new products and improve our processes.

What Con likes most about SPX... The people we work with and our great products and solutions. The Food and Beverage brands have a long history in the market and it is always nice to think that many of the things that we eat and drink have been touched by our equipment.

I am fortunate to have been able to travel to many of our sites and met great colleagues over the years in the business. Working with people from diverse locations, roles and cultures is very rewarding.

Most memorable moment at SPX... It is not easy to think of just one thing. I really value the many inspiring people who have mentored me and helped me over the years and continue to do so today at SPX. Most recently attending the 2013 Innovation Conference in Charlotte was a great experience. It was inspiring to see so many innovative activities going on across all end markets and also a chance to meet some of the senior leadership team.

Con's outside interests include... I enjoy riding my bike, last year a group of us from SPX took part in a charity bike ride for the British Heart Foundation. Having two young children keeps us busy with their activities but I also enjoy walking in the countryside with the family and a little woodworking.

Jane Ballard

VP, Human Resources

Ryan Taylor

Director of Investor Relations

Chance Brown

Operations Manager

John Greaves

VP, Manufacturing & Supply Chain

John Greaves: Vice President, Manufacturing & Supply Chain

John Greaves is Vice President, Manufacturing & Supply Chain for the SPX Food and Beverage End Market.

Best thing about his job... Though VP Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management for Food and Beverage is a new role, the best part right now is actually the task of bringing together operational site teams and supply chain teams (from around the world) into the new, combined Food and Beverage Operations team.

Going forward, I anticipate that the variety of tasks in the role will be the best part.

John's outside interests include... Kayaking, private flying, playing guitar, Florida vacations, NASA, cricket (I play for the local village team), supporting a charity (Cancer Research UK), Jaguar track days (I have a much-loved Jaguar saloon car).

What many people don't know about him... On my 18th birthday I qualified for light aircraft with the Royal Air Force, and on the next day I qualified as a private pilot (that was also sponsored by the Royal Air Force). I am also a collector of rare tin plate toys from the 1920s and 30s.

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