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engineered products

Worldwide, Fenn Wire Flattening Mills have set the standard for precision, production, reliability and versatility.

Worldwide, Fenn Wire Flattening Mills have set the standard for precision, production, reliability and versatility. Throughout Fenn’s long history, hundreds of successful installations have been completed for a wide variety of applications in both the ferrous and non-ferrous industries. Although many mill features are standard, every Fenn wire line is engineered and built to meet the exact product and production requirements of the customer. In addition, Fenn offers a complete line of accessories to satisfy the most demanding of operations.

For most wire flattening applications, a single stand, two-stand tandem or three-stand tandem mill arrangement is all that is needed to completely meet or exceed the project requirements. For other more demanding applications, more stands may be added or used in conjunction with Edgers, Turks Heads, Draw Blocks, or other process equipment pertinent to the process and finish material requirements.

Wire flattening is not limited to the rolling of natural edged flats. Square edged rectangles, trapezoids, ovals, half rounds, and many other shapes can be rolled with the proper selection of equipment. With decades of experience in the engineering and production of Wire Flattening and Shaping Machinery, Fenn Metal Forming Solutions can provide you with the industry’s best, state-of-the-art equipment to suit your most demanding needs.

The Fenn's comprehensive range of Wire Flattening and Shaping Mills are suitable for rolling both ferrous and non-ferrous wires.

The choice and combination of items available enables us to provide the most flexible and economical line to produce your product.

From a relatively simple Single Stand Mill to an intricate custom designed Tandem Line, we have the experience and state of the art designs.

The Fenn range of Wire Flattening Mills will handle inlet diameters from a few thousandths of an inch up to a starting of approximately 1 1/4" (31.75mm).

Depending upon the application, we can propose speeds up to 3000fpm (15.25 mps).

Wide Range of Standard Units

We have available a wide range of standard units which form the base of our Wire Flattening and Shaping Mills. The combination of these units depend upon the material to be rolled, section range, profile type and production output.

We also provide a complete rebuild and upgrade service to existing Wire Flattening and Shaping Mill equipment.

For those who have no previous Shaping or Flattening Mill experience, we can help plan a correct combination of components to most effectively and economically produce the product. We can help a customer in Pass Schedule, Roll Design and the application of the equipment.

Please see the downlaods tab on this page to download a copy of our Wire Flattening and Shaping brochure.

For more information, please contact Thomas Mushroe at or 860-594-4387.