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SPX Power Team Sponsors Strongman Champions League

The 2013 Strongman Champions League competition kicked off in March 2013 in Lapland, Finland, featuring an SPX-sponsored “Iceman IV” champion event.

The Strongman Champions League is a strongman competition circuit, with multiple events throughout the year and an overall winner at the end of the season. This is the second year that SPX Power Team has sponsored the 12 competitions that make up the Strongman Champions League.

From racing each other while carrying heavy weights and log houses, to lifting the back ends of automobiles and huge wooden logs and blocks of ice – all while navigating the frozen tundra -- strong men from around the world entertained the thrilled crowds. In one contest, the men competed to see who could hold heavy SPX Power Team cylinders in their outstretched arms the longest.

Click below to view video highlights of the competition.

Strongman - Video #1Strongman - Video #2