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Water Leak Detection

Introducing the RD547

Two popular methods of water leak detection are now available in one control unit. 

Acoustic and tracer gas methods each have a role to play in the accurate location and pinpointing of leaks. Previously the water-leak specialist required two measurement devices to use these methods, but the RD547 does both in a single control unit.

The RD547 can be used to measure acoustic signals using  a choice of multi-purpose or dedicated ground microphones. For fittings that are deep or difficult to access a test rod is available. To measure hydrogen tracer-gas concentrations, a gas detector with integrated hand-pump can be attached.

As well as being used to trace leaks, the RD547 can also be used in conjunction with the RD550 pulse wave generator to trace the paths of underground water pipes.

Radiodetection’s Water Leak Portfolio

Radiodetection offers a range of solutions for the water-leak specialist or utility contractor from convenient handheld leak detectors to infrastructure monitoring devices for large water networks.

Handheld Water-Leak Detectors

These are simple devices designed to allow the water-leak specialist quickly assess the integrity of a water pipe.  Products include:

RD546: A traditional mechanical listening device

RD542: An electronic listening stick with LED display and headphones

Advanced Water-Leak Detectors

Radiodetection’s advanced water-leak detectors use frequency analysis and a range of acoustic and gas-sensor accessories to locate and pinpoint leaks in the most challenging situations. 

RD547: Our most advanced control unit can be used for acoustic and tracer-gas methods of leak detection. Kit options allow the user to customize the unit to their needs.
RD545: An electronic ground microphone, (geophone).
RD533: A correlator for larger networks. It compares the noises measured by two sensors on the network to determine the leak location.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring products identify noise and pressure changes on the water infrastructure alerting the operator to a potential leak. 

RD521: A wireless noise logging system which can be installed on a permanent or “lift and shift” basis.
RD522:  Pressure monitor which can be used to collect short or long-term pressure data on a network.

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