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Water Leak Detection

Leak Detectors

Radiodetection offers utility contractors and companies a range of easy-to-use, affordable and portable water leak location systems. From the inexpensive RD546 analog listening stick to the latest handheld digital leak detectors, Radiodetection has a leak detector for almost every scenario and environment.

Noise Loggers and Level of Service Loggers

Radiodetection’s leak noise loggers offer utility contractors and companies the ability to monitor large water networks over time. The RD521 is a combined wireless transmitter and receiver system that can be deployed on valves, pipes, meters and other fittings. Each logger measures leakage noise and can store more than 240,000 measurements and transmit them to a mobile unit using wireless technology.

The RD522 Level of Service Logger is a specialized, ultra-long life pressure logger that is optimized for the water supply industry. With room for more than 240,000 measurements, PC interoperability and a 10-year battery life, the RD522 is an essential Level of Service tool for delivery of critical water supplies to residences and industry.

Leak Noise Correlator

Radiodetection’s leak noise correlator offers utility contractors and companies state-of-the-art technology to detect leaks and trace pipe topography using state-of-the-art technology. Radiodetection’s correlator analyzes audio frequencies within water pipes to detect the characteristic frequency caused by the presence of leaks. Information is displayed immediately and wirelessly on an easy-to-read LCD.

Leak Locators (Tracer Gas)

Identifying water leaks early enables remedial action costs to be minimized. Radiodetection’s RD560 can pinpoint trace gas leaks in residential heating systems, water conduits and water pipes. Using hydrogen diffusion, the RD560 can alert the user to the presence of the smallest leak, helping utility contractors and companies to identify faults long before they become a danger.

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