SPX Cooling Technologies is a global, full-line, full-service manufacturer of specialized heat exchangers for industry.

Our products include Marley® Cooling Towers and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers.

Marley Cooling Towers are pillars of industry, from iconic natural draft hyperbolic tower structures to modern, efficient field-erected towers. Our innovative approach to industrial and power plant cooling processes includes the patented ClearSky® Plume Abatement System, which significantly reduces visible plume to improve environmental conditions and reduces water consumption. Recent design advancements have led to more modularization of components and construction techniques, speeding field erection and reconstruction operations to help refiners, chemical processing and power plants shorten the duration of construction projects and service outages.

Marley Air Cooled Heat Exchangers stand up to the demanding requirements for heat transfer processes in industrial and power applications. SPX Cooling Technologies engineers, assembles and tests its air cooled heat exchangers to global industry standards at its U.S.-based manufacturing facilities.