Well-Positioned for Growth

As a diversified, global supplier of infrastructure equipment with a strong market presence and leading brands, SPX Corporation is well-positioned for growth. Future investment in our key markets will be driven by an increasingly connected world, rapid urbanization and economic development, growing demand for modernization and continued focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. The need for new infrastructure and maintenance of existing infrastructure in developed and developing markets will continue to drive demand for our products.

Expanding economies have critical needs and SPX Corporation products and services are hard at work helping to meet them. Our heating and cooling technologies allow commercial and residential facilities to operate more efficiently while conserving resources. SPX’s detection and measurement equipment enables utilities, telecommunications providers and regulators, municipalities and transit authorities to build, monitor and maintain vital infrastructure. Our engineered solutions play a critical role in industrial development around the world. We help ensure reliable and efficient power transmission and distribution systems throughout the Americas.

SPX Corporation’s market leading brands, coupled with our commitment to continuous innovation and focus on our customers’ needs, enables our HVAC Cooling and Heating businesses to serve an expanding number of industrial, commercial and residential customers. Growth will be driven through innovation, increased scalability and our ability to meet the needs of broader markets.

Our technological edge and decades of experience have afforded us a strong position in specific measurement and detection markets. We will continue to harness that technological advantage as we expand our portfolio of specialized products through new, innovative hardware and software solutions. Moving forward, our global expertise will allow us to expand the number of markets we serve.

SPX Corporation electrical transformers play an integral role in the North America energy grid. Our engineered solutions businesses remain committed to driving value through continued focus on operational and engineering efficiencies.