SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. introduces the Marley MD Everest counterflow cooling tower, offering advantages for both process cooling and HVAC applications. Process cooling operations benefit from 60 percent faster delivery, 80 percent faster installation, and safer assembly processes compared with field-erected alternatives. HVAC operations benefit from over 85 percent greater cooling capacity compared with other single-cell, preassembled counterflow cooling towers. At 2500 tons, the MD Everest Cooling Tower is an ideal one-to-one chiller match.

The MD Everest Cooling Tower arrives at the site in modules that are built and assembled in a controlled SPX factory environment, which facilitate high quality and efficient installation. Its robust structure uses heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant materials to meet seismic and wind load requirements per ASCE and IBC building codes, and to withstand the rigors of process cooling and HVAC applications. Industrial-strength Marley mechanical components include a five-year maintenance-free System 5 Geareducer® gear drive; energy-efficient, low-clog PVC heat exchange fill media; and Motor Outside Airstream (MOA), standard. The MD Everest also includes a five-year mechanical component warranty.

The MD Everest Cooling Tower can be adapted to varying water quality using a range of fill types. It also achieves a low drift rate, down to 0.0005 percent of circulating water flow, so less water escapes the tower. Its thermal performance is pending certification by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI), eliminating the need and expense for on-site testing.

“The MD Everest Cooling Tower, our new counterflow product, joins the crossflow NC Everest Cooling Tower in taking cooling to a higher level,” explains Randy Powell, SPX Cooling Technologies President. “Our Everest designation represents the Marley brand’s latest achievement in modular cooling technologies. It includes a wide array of features that benefit owners and contractors, including unmatched cooling capacity, energy efficiency, fewer components, and lower maintenance costs.”

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