As the world’s leading manufacturer of water, wastewater, and stormwater inspection equipment, CUES provides the necessary tools for both pipeline inspection and repair. For 50+ years, CUES has manufactured the most rugged and reliable pipeline inspection equipment in the industry.

CUES is a fully- integrated supplier of turnkey systems including portable and custom designed vehicle systems engineered to operate on or off road. CUES also offers a range of advanced systems, such as SONAR, LIDAR, and LASER PROFILING, for those requiring more detailed inspection data.

Pearpoint is a global provider of video inspection solutions. From pushrods to fully customized tractor systems, Pearpoint is a leading manufacturer of inspection equipment specifically designed to survey hazardous areas, where the use of standard equipment is not possible.

Our commitment to our customers remains our highest priority. You can expect the same great service you have always received from Pearpoint along with 50+ years of experience CUES has in the industry.

Our product offerings include:

Inspection Equipment – innovative CCTV pipeline inspection technology and solutions for the water, wastewater, and stormwater industries
Software – asset inspection and condition assessment software
Pearpoint – powerful portable video systems for pipeline inspection