At SPX, our values of Integrity, Accountability, Excellence, Teamwork and Results are core elements that drive the way we engage with each other, our customers, our partners and the community.

Consistent with these values, we set high standards for social responsibility.

Whether by developing our employees through training and mentorship programs, supporting community educational or charity events, or embracing diverse backgrounds and points of view, we are committed to helping enable a safer, more inclusive, healthier and sustainable society.

Diversity and Inclusion

Harvest volunteer employee group photoAt SPX, we believe that valuing different backgrounds, experiences and opinions is the right thing to do and critical to our long-term success. In doing so, we grow and flourish together as individuals and as a business.  SPX’s Diversity & Inclusion initiative focuses on building a more inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

This effort is led by our Diversity & Inclusion Council, which is comprised of both senior executives and associates from across the enterprise, designed to create greater awareness of the principles and value of diversity and inclusion, to develop tools for more effective management that facilitates inclusion and encourages diverse perspectives.

We believe that through education and engagement, we will enhance the sharing of ideas and the identification of opportunities. SPX’s Diversity & Inclusion education and training programs are mandatory for all employees to help our teams advance their knowledge and awareness of diversity issues, and develop the skills and behaviors required to embed these principles into our culture.

To help ensure that we instill the principles of Diversity & Inclusion into our company’s culture, we have also developed networking and action groups, made up of “Ambassadors” from across SPX. These groups highlight and develop solutions to challenges faced within the company and in our communities.

We will hold ourselves accountable for delivering progress on making the focus on Diversity & Inclusion a consistent part of our standard operating practices.

Employee Development and Engagement

SPX knows that employee development and employee engagement essential to sustainable success. We are highly focused on ensuring that we have the right skills and talent in place to execute on our growth and strategic initiatives. Our approach aligns company and individual employee goals to achieve common objectives.

logo for RiSE

Motivated and committed employees thrive in a culture where they are appreciated, recognized, rewarded, and see a path for development and advancement.

SPX’s talent management framework, called RiSE, guides our teams through how we will deliver on our commitment to Reach, Identify, Strengthen, and Engage our current and future workforce. These programs help us clarify needs and attract and train the right talent to achieve our goals today and into the future. We believe continuous investment in employee opportunities through education, skill development, new experiences and leadership support will result in successful outcomes for our employees and our business.

Reach—Knowing what our future needs will be and developing the programs to attract the right talent.

Identify—Developing processes that highlight the capabilities, skills and interests of our current employees.

Strengthen—Building growth and development programs that prepare our employees to meet business needs and their growth interests at all levels of the organization.

Engage—Focusing on creating a work environment and culture that encompasses our core values and provides opportunities for employees to get involved. Each voice counts.

As SPX has grown, our program offerings have expanded to include more opportunities for technical skills training, leadership development training, mentoring programs and online educational resources available to all employees.

Our ongoing success is dependent upon the level of engagement of our teams and how well we build the capabilities of the organization to deliver on day-to-day requirements and drive strategic initiatives. The development of our employees and the SPX culture are at the heart of both. The RiSE framework represents our commitment to ensuring that we stay focused on continuously improving both.