SPX Technologies is committed to high standards of ethics and integrity in all of its business operations and expects that all its employees, officers, and directors will comply with the word and spirit of every applicable law or regulation in the countries and localities in which we operate.

SPX Technologies maintains a world-class compliance and ethics program designed to ensure that its employees are aware of and adhere to applicable laws and ethical standards.  On August 28, 2018, SPX adopted a new Code of Ethics and Business Conduct to which all SPX employees, officers, and directors are required to adhere.  This new Code replaced SPX’s prior Code of Business Conduct and completely updated its content and format for presentation in a more user-friendly, web-based platform designed to better communicate the responsibility to uphold SPX’s core values and high standards.  Like the prior Code, the new Code provides standards to deter improper actions and promote honest, ethical, and responsible conduct; compliance with applicable laws and regulations; full, fair, accurate, and timely disclosure in filings and other public communications; prompt internal reporting of violations; and individual accountability.  The new Code also includes guidance promoting responsible sourcing throughout the supply chain, community service, and teamwork and respect throughout the workplace, as well as separate letters from SPX’s President and Chief Executive Officer and its General Counsel reinforcing the importance of the principles embodied in the new Code.

SPX Technologies has contracted with EthicsPoint, Inc., to provide a hotline service, independent of SPX, dedicated to receiving any report of a violation or potential violation of these principles. The EthicsPoint Hotline enables anyone making a report to do so confidentially and anonymously via the internet or telephone.

In addition, SPX Technologies conducts investigations of these reports in a confidential and discreet fashion and prohibits any act of retaliation against employees reporting compliance concerns in good faith.  To make a report, go to www.ethicspoint.com and follow the instruction for “Making a Report” or call 1-866-ETHICSP (1-866-384-4277) or 1-866-737-6850 outside the United States and Canada.