Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the financial information reported by SPX. The Committee appoints the independent auditors, approves the scope of annual audits performed by them and by the internal audit staff, and reviews the results of those audits. The Committee also meets with management, the independent auditors and the internal audit staff to review audit results and opinions as well as financial, accounting and internal control matters.

Icon - PDFAudit Committee Charter (PDF)

Rick Puckett, Committee Chair, Financial Expert
Tana Utley
Robert Toth
Meenal Sethna, Financial Expert

Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee approves and makes recommendations to the Board relating to the compensation program for SPX’s senior management, including executive employment agreements, stock option grants and other awards under the Stock Compensation Plan, as well as other awards.

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David Roberts, Committee Chair
Rick Puckett
Dr. Ruth Shaw
Robert Toth
Tana Utley

Nominating & Governance Committee

The Nominating & Governance Committee assists the Board in identifying qualified individuals to become Board members and recommending to the Board the director nominees; develops and recommends to the Board the Corporate Governance Guidelines applicable to SPX; leads the Board of Directors in its annual review of the Board’s performance; approves and makes recommendations to the Board regarding the compensation of non-management directors; makes recommendations to the Board with respect to the assignment of individual directors to various committees; and oversees SPX’s Environmental, Social and Governance practices.

Icon - PDFNominating & Governance Committee Charter (PDF)

Dr. Ruth Shaw, Committee Chair
Patrick O’Leary
Dave Roberts
Meenal Sethna
Angel Shelton Willis