SPX Cooling Technologies is a global, full-line, full-service manufacturer of specialized heat exchangers. We provide an array of products for the HVAC industry that supports indoor climate control and industrial refrigeration applications.

Marley® Cooling Towers provide factory-assembled, “package” solutions in both crossflow and counterflow designs to meet a wide range of building cooling requirements. Marley Cooling Towers incorporate innovative design, rigorous testing and structural integrity, resulting in products that achieve high single cell cooling capacity, low drift rates and reliable independently-verified sound levels.

To meet the requirements of industrial refrigeration applications, Recold® Fluid Coolers and Evaporative Condensers incorporate robust materials, including copper coils, in both forced-draft and induced-draft models.Our SGS industrial refrigeration products, including evaporators and evaporative condensers, expand our capabilities with airside ammonia-based refrigeration systems and broader food and beverage applications. Aftermarket parts and services complete our commitment to support our customers throughout the life of their heat exchange equipment.