An energy delivery company located in the Northeast United States experienced a rare double transformer failure, leaving the utility in a precarious position. While a mobile transformer was energized to temporarily meet peak summer energy demands, the utility required a new transformer in 14 weeks when industry lead times were at 30-40 weeks.

Upon learning of the customer’s predicament, SPX Transformer Solutions’ engineering, production planning and operations teams in the Goldsboro manufacturing facility began exploring possibilities for an out-of-the-box solution that would meet the tight deadline. They developed a contingency production schedule that could accommodate manufacturing the specified transformer but also meant impacting delivery dates for other Transformer Solutions’ customers.

All electric utility companies are faced with emergencies on occasion and understand the complexities and stress that can arise in these situations. With this common ground comes a sense of camaraderie throughout the country and a willingness to work together toward the best outcome for those they serve. Once the other customers understood the emergency, they agreed to reasonable schedule changes to support a utility in need.

Just 13 weeks after the initial call from a customer with an urgent request, SPX Transformer Solutions designed, produced, tested and delivered a base 33 MVA, 115kV delta–13.2kV wye transformer. The completed unit was delivered to the substation, allowing the utility to meet its start-up date and keep thousands of customers’ homes and businesses energized.

The utility’s substation operations and maintenance lead engineer acknowledged the team in a final report after the unit was put into service. “SPX should be congratulated and acknowledged for providing a transformer in such a short period of time to help us meet our customers’ needs. I truly appreciate what you have all done and your help in resolving this problem. Truly a team effort!!!”

Meeting our customers’ requirements is what we do well and why customers rely on SPX Transformer Solutions!