2018 marks 50 years of innovation from TCI International, Inc. as a global provider of high-performance broadcast and communication antennas and spectrum monitoring and management systems. In 1968, TCI opened its doors as a provider of high frequency (HF) antennas.

TCI antennas were the first designed using proprietary computer modeling tools, a practice that revolutionized the industry. Today, TCI supplies antennas to the U.S. Air Force for ground to air communication applications and to other customers for ship to shore communication and shortwave broadcast applications. TCI antennas are also used to support a broad range of commercial, high-speed communication activities.

The TCI product line quickly expanded into technologies for spectrum monitoring (SMS), spectrum management (ASMS), communication intelligence (COMINT), drone detection and intervention. Over the past five decades, TCI has supplied more than 10,000 antenna systems, 900 SMS/ASMS solutions, nearly 500 COMINT systems and numerous drone detection products to more than 1100 customers throughout the world.

Today, TCI International, Inc. delivers products that are field-proven, mission-ready and user-friendly to respond to customers’ complex requirements. A wholly-owned subsidiary of SPX Corporation, TCI maintains research and development, integration and test facilities in Fremont, California. In addition to its California headquarters, the company has nine field support offices around the world to provide installation, training and support services for customers in more than 100 countries. For more information about TCI, visit www.tcibr.com.