Embracing Diversity to Build a Culture of Inclusion at SPX

Valuing different backgrounds, experiences and opinions is the right thing to do and critical to our long-term success. In doing so, we grow and flourish together as individuals and as a business.

Our objectives:

  • Cultivate a culture of engagement and belonging, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect 
  • Create an environment where we value diverse opinions and everyone feels safe to respectfully voice their view
  • Achieve diversity throughout the company, reflective of the markets and communities in which we operate
  • Build a reputation for attracting, developing, and advancing talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences

We are committed to challenging ourselves, openly communicating, and striving to improve every day.  We will measure our progress by holding ourselves accountable to take action and to continuously improve our employees’ experience. We will continue to live our core values, which encompass diversity and inclusion, to ensure that SPX is Building the People that Build the World.