SPX Technologies has become aware of fraudulent emails and other avenues of contact to various suppliers with which SPX may or may not have established accounts.

Those responsible for these hoaxes pretend to be associated with SPX and send emails, make phone calls, and/or submit factious or dated public documentation to support their false association with SPX in an attempt to solicit goods and equipment from the suppliers on credit.

Please note that these fraudulent solicitations are in no way affiliated with SPX Technologies. Communication from SPX via email will have the @spx.com extension.

To assist with identification of a fraudulent attempt we suggest the following. These suggestions should be taken as general guidance and in no way as a solution to avoid this scam:

  • Validate that the addresses on the communication are ACTUAL CURRENT SPX locations
  • Validate that the email communications are from individuals with an @spx.com email address
  • Validate that any supporting documentation is CURRENT
  • Validate that any shipping address is going to an ACTUAL CURRENT SPX location
  • Prior to filling PO requests we suggest vendors validate the PO through formal contact with SPX

If you believe you have been asked to fill a fraudulent order and would like to report this to us, please email us at fraud.notice@spx.com with the information you can provide and contact information.