While the coronavirus continues to disrupt lives around the world, our thoughts are with the families of all of those affected by the current health crisis and its far-reaching impacts.  When we emerge from these difficult times, we hope that our communities will have grown stronger from the experience.

At SPX we are doing our part to keep society functioning safely, while ensuring that the wellbeing of our people remains a top priority.

Helping to Maintain and Support Critical Infrastructure

Throughout this crisis we are doing our best to continue supporting the needs of our customers and communities with essential and critical products.  These include equipment to maintain our communications infrastructure, electrical grid, and natural gas and wastewater systems, military and defense applications, products that ensure healthcare facilities continue to have effective climate control and access to hot water, datacenters remain properly cooled, and potentially hazardous obstructions remain clearly visible to aircraft and marine vessels.

Prioritizing the Health and Safety of Employees

At the same time we must continue to put the health, safety and security of our people first. Since the health crisis began, we have enacted several robust processes to help prevent the further spread of coronavirus.  These include enhanced PPE usage, frequent, enhanced facility cleanings and sanitization routines, providing increased hygiene supplies, restricting visitor access, social distancing practices, modified tasks, staggered shifts/breaks, wellness screenings, and requiring working from home whenever feasible.

We have implemented strict and clear procedures to quickly address illness or exposure to coronavirus and protect our other team members and our communities, including isolation and sanitization protocols, contact tracing, and communicating and coordinating with local health authorities.

Adjusting Policies to Help Our People Overcome Challenges

In addition, we have temporarily modified policies and programs to better accommodate the current needs of our employees.  These include temporarily amended leave, preventative medical benefits coverage provisions, and other policies, such as work schedules and attendance.

Remaining Vigilant and Adapting to Change

To deal with the unique challenges brought on by the coronavirus, SPX designated an Emergency Task Force staffed by senior leaders of our company. This group continues to meet daily to closely monitor the evolving situation and adapt our processes and policies to remain aligned with the guidelines of government, healthcare officials, and the specific circumstances of our operations and people.

Supporting critical infrastructure across multiple markets and geographies is core to what we do. The tireless effort of our employees and the support of our customers and suppliers make this possible and give us confidence that, as we all continue to move through this very unusual and evolving time, working together we will overcome this challenge.  We thank you all for your efforts and support.